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We moved to home fellowship at Lazimpat until we find a new meeting hall at Thamel.  Click here for the location map.

Parking: available only for bikes; cars can be parked at the Radisson hotel or Big Mart parking lot.

Time: Every Saturday at 10:30 AM (Kathmandu).

Covid-19 Relief Updates
Resources: COVID-19 Awareness & Precautions )

We believe that in a church, people matter, not rigidity or format.

Life is a journey; we meet, we depart; we fall, we rise and at times we feel like life is merely a roll of the dice. Its’ times like these when we need a place where we can make some sense of life, relate to people, and share our experiences. KIF is a place where everyone is welcomed, irrespective of their background, nationality, or where they are on their journey in life. It is a place where people can belong, connect, relate, learn, and share with one another without any judgments – we are here to celebrate life together!  

 We believe People are important and everything in the body of Christ is relational. We desire and pursue meaningful relationships. Therefore, whether you are national or international, young or old, rich or poor, high or low in life- our doors are always open for you. Please feel free to join us in celebrating life together and being a part of this whole new, rich experience by sharing and learning from one another.

We believe that children are a vital part of our church body and if you are a family with kids- the KIF-KIDS join in singing & worship with the adults and are dismissed for their classes after the worship.

The Communion is served on the last Saturday of the month.

Language: The services are held in English.

KIF is entirely supported by this congregation.

Here are various ways of giving- E-Sewa & IME (contact us for the details)

PayPal: [email protected]  
Local Bank Account Contact Us for the bank account details and other online giving.

Please click here for the mid-week Bible Study information.

Here is the map: https://goo.gl/maps/4GbgbGhcdnGE6MAW9

You are invited to fellowship with us.