Monthly Archives: October 2012

Enjoying the Rest of Your Life

Is it possible to be continually joyful? Most people really don’t enjoy life; they endure it. Their lives are filled with anxiety, stress, pressure and there’s very little joy.

we gonna look at a “strategy for dealing with stress” this Saturday, 27th Oct . Join us….

Reducing Conflict With Others

One of the major causes of unhappiness in our world is strained relationships. Conflict is a kill joy. How do you handle the conflict in your life? Unity is a key ingredient for success and fulfillment in life. To have a successful business the employees must work together. To have a successful football team the players must work together. To have successful government the Political parties PM, and the president must cooperate. To have a successful family the members must work together. To have a successful fellowship we must work together. Very little is accomplished in life by yourself. Success is never a one man show. Very little is accomplished without cooperation. When there is unity there is tremendous power and potential.

The problem is people don’t always get along. How do you reduce conflict and increase cooperation?
Come and learn about “Reducing Conflict With Others” this Saturday 3pm, 9th Oct.