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Right now we’re looking for anyone who can teach guitar and english (no theory for english speaking courses). If that’s you or sounds like somebody you know who would be interested to do this… lets get connected ! Leave us a message 😀

My First Worship Leading by Suraj

On 3rd January, 2015, I was offered to lead worship in my church for the following week (i.e. 10th January, 2015). I accepted their offer and confirmed them that I would do it. But deep in my heart was doubt whether I will be able to do that or not.

The next morning, I woke up and the first thing that I thought about was the worship leading. Fear and doubt occupied my thoughts. I would shake at the thought of leading worship amongst so many people. Although I had led worship a few times in the cell group meetings which is very small group, I had never done it in the church where of course, there are a lot of people. And Chumlano, the pastor’s wife, also whom I consider like an elder sister, seeing me underestimating myself, explained how it is God’s work to use and strengthen the worship leader. I somehow, felt comfortable after hearing those words from her. And Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” Truly, if I had leaned on my own strength, I would not have witnessed how God worked in me that day. I did everything I could – practiced the songs, mugged up song lyrics, but also deep inside I trusted God and knew that he’d do some awesome work through me. For the entire week, I would pray for God’s assistance and guidance for the very thing.

And finally the day came – 10th January, 2015! One of the important dates for me to remember now! I left early from my home to reach the church venue at 9 am in the morning. All along the way, I would pray again and again. After reaching there, I had to wait for the worship team, who would help me with instrumental back-up and so on. We started rehearsing. Soon after, people started coming over and I could feel my heart pumping faster and louder.

Before starting the service, I looked up to the ceiling, and prayed, “God, be with me!” And Gyan, pastor at the church (who his like an elder brother to me) prayed for us. By that time, I didn’t even realize that all my fears and uncertainties had already gone. It’s like what Chumlano said a week earlier, “God’s spirit takes care of everything; just submit yourself to him. It’s all about him, not us!” I have no idea how good was I in leading worship but definitely I could feel the confidence and God’s presence flowing out of me! And I remember, I was crying the entire week, when rehearsing for “Worthy is the lamb” by Darlene Zschech. I had made up my mind that I would not cry in front of the people in the church. But guess what? I literally cried in the end of that song; couldn’t control my emotions and words wouldn’t come out from my mouth when I tried to do the end prayer. I was overridden by the thankfulness toward Jesus, his love and his grace. What can you do when God’s spirit is working in you?? Nothing!! You just have to go with it.

One word for the feeling I experienced during the worship – “Awesome.” Will I ever want to go through that again?? YES please!!! I remember how I was thanking God again and again on my way to home, for revealing his power in me. I couldn’t stop praising him. I’m still in awe, to be honest. I thank God that he chose me for letting me become his instrument to lead people for worship. And I pray to God, that he will continue to do his works in me and through me for his glory.


How did I overcome my learning disability

MY LIFE STORY – By Ravi Gopali

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking time to read my life story, I am Ravi Gopali. I hope you will be blessed by



reading my life story. May God bless you all. So, here we go now…

I was born in November 15, 1996 in Thankot, Kathmandu in a non-Christian family. I grew up in a Hindu culture. While I was growing up, I was very different from other kids in my society because I could not  read and write like other children. I could not even read or write  simple words like “apple,” “bus,” “car,” and “dad.” The only thing I could read and write was my own name, “Ravi Gopali”. My friends  used to call me “loser” in everything and was always looked down upon. I had to keep fighting with them every time. I would often get beaten by them because I was always alone and no one wanted to support me. Even in my own family, my grandpa, grandma, uncle and auntie didn’t like me much. I grew up as an angry guy because of being disliked by others, and I would often express my anger upon my brother and sister.

I was the weakest student in my class in school and was very poor in studies. I had a big problem with my studies. I had a learning disability. Due to this even my classmates were not very friendly to me. They would always tease me as a “loser.” My teachers used to give home works, but I could never do it. I got lot of punishments for not doing my homeworks as well. All my classmates would laugh at me while I was being punished. I didn’t even know how to study and be prepared for my exams. During exam period, I would go to my school, go to the exam hall, sit and wait for the exam to be finished. I would write on the exam paper whatever came into my mind. For example, ‘?’ My answer to the question, “Where do you live?” would be “Amskjhd jsjj teusbjso sfdyiwpsjg sgahsvndj.” After the exam was finished, my parents would ask me, “How was your exam?’ and I would say, “It was fine.” When they would ask “Will you pass it?” I would say “Yes, I’ll pass.” Then, when the exam result came, my report card would say “FAILED” and I had to be prepared to get a spanking from my parents. I would get marks like “0,”  “1,” “3,” “5,” and “7.”

No one ever came to me and encouraged me, I was always discouraged, looked down by others and told that I can’t do anything in my life. But I always had a hope that someday I would be able to be like others. At that time I didn’t know the real God, but I’m sure He was watching over me. So, one day one of my uncles came to my home and he spoke to my parents about changing my school to a city side school. He told them that I might improve in my studies. My parents were okay with that and changed my school to city side. Then they enrolled me in a new school called ‘Covenant Academy’ (CA). I studied there for one year and improved maybe 5% in my study level that year. I lived in a hostel, and my hostel roommates were not very nice to me. They were like my bosses and I had to obey them. If I did not obey them they would beat me. Even my hostel teachers and friends would make fun of me. No one was helpful to me. The principle hired a personal tutor to be helpful to me in my studies, but even the tutor was not very friendly or kind. If I made mistakes or couldn’t read a word, he would punish me. But the funny part was that when he would come and he was supposed to teach me, he would say, “Read this book.” Then he would be sleeping while I was reading. I again failed in my unit tests and exams.

That school was a Christian school, where I came to know little things about God, but I didn’t believe in the Word of God. I didn’t take it seriously. I was afraid of God. But God still loved me and cared about me. So, after the final term exam, the principle called me and my parents into his office to talk about me. He told my parents that I was not improving in my studies. He told us that there was another school which might help me in my studies. He told my parents that they might have to take me there. So, they did take me there.

The school name was ‘Kids Learning Centre’ (KLC). It was not very big school. There were only few students which was suitable for me. Again I stayed in a hostel. After joining KLC, my life started to change because God did something—He did a great thing that I will never forget in my whole life. He gave me the chance to know more and more about who God is and what He did for us. After that, amazingly, I was able to read and write like others!

The best part is that the more I came to know about God, the more I was able to do better in my studies. I got nice friends and I was like others. I was not any more the “Loser.” Even my friends at home became closer to me. I became closer to God and accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I accepted Jesus on 29th August, 2009, at my bed time. Right after I accepted Jesus Christ, I felt so joyful and so happy that I couldn’t sleep that night! After I accepted Jesus, my life was totally different and full of joy and hope. I became a new person in Christ. In 1st year and in 1st term exam at KLC, I got 71% on my report card for the first time in my life. (This was before I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.)

During my winter break in 2010, I became very ill. I had a very bad headache and my parents didn’t know what to do. They called one pharmacy into my home. He came and observed me and told my parents that it was not serious. But my illness continued to get worse and worse. So, my parents took me to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctor told them that I had a very serious brain infection called meningitis which is very rare in the Kathmandu valley. The doctor said that I was admitted to the hospital at the right time. If I had come a bit later, I would have been paralyzed and died.

The best part of this was God was with me. He saved me from the illness and gave me a chance to live again. I recovered after around in 20 days. Then my new life started with God. Being a Christian was not very easy. Many temptations came into my life and many difficulties came, but with the help of God everything was easy for me. I was able to overcome one by one.

I have learned many things in my life. From rejection to failure to unwanted, get beaten, laughed at etc. It was painful but the most important thing that I have learnt was not to give up in difficult times because God is always there to help us out. If I had not encountered Jesus and not given my life to Him, I don’t know and can’t even imagine what I would have been doing today. His timing was perfect and so there is always a way out waiting for us and we just have to trust God for it. Now I have passed the SLC exam of Nepal and it is because of God’s help. It is only because of God that I have reached this place in my life. I learned to put God in the 1st position in everything I do. That is how I have been successful until now. I want to thank Jesus who lived on this imperfect earth, lived in so much pain and suffering and gave his life on the cross so that I might have a joyful, victorious life. Because he died, I too died to my past life and now live with Him daily and for eternity. Praise God. Thank you so much God!

Thanks for reading my life story. I hoped you are blessed. May God bless you.


By: Ravi Gopali