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How much more the Father’s care?

Here i am again… work… it can be so draining can’t it? not because you’re overworked or anything of that sort but because sometimes we run into our special ‘pity parties’ where you invite thousands of your self condemning voices that tell you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, not intelligent enough to survive in this oh so smart intelligent world! in hundreds of versions. And those versions are on repeat (acoustic, rock, alternative, pop, rap … you name it you got it!)  while you swallow that lump in your throat and don’t even realize that tears are running down your cheeks until you’ve tasted that one drop of tear that finds its way into your lips aaaggh… salty!

Today during prayer meeting, i couldn’t help but drown  myself in my tears, i had my moment of self pitying but then more than anything i was brought face to face with the fact that it really isn’t about me, or the way the world treats and sees me but it really is about facing all of it through the eyes of Jesus, how he sees and what he thinks of me, drawing my strength from the one who gave it all, from the one who stood by his decision to love me, to pay the price for my sins just so i could be reconciled to the Father. I was brought face to face with the fact that it really isn’t about me, it’s about Jesus. To lay myself down even if it is a painful process of humbling myself for his sake, it was not about how good or smart i portray myself to be but about how Jesus is being glorified through my actions, reactions and speech.

I remember my question when i once asked God show me what it means when they say ‘you’re all i need’ — what does it mean? and i think i’m in the process of realizing and experiencing the meaning of it.

So as i was there just trying to get out of the pity party and really look upto to God and focus on him during the prayers… i feel someone gently touch my legs, i thought somebody was praying for me then those hands felt like it was brushing my hair and i was like what is going on? so i open my eyes and who do i see? my friend’s baby boy who’s just starting to learn to walk, there he was staring at my face standing straight! and there i was with tears in my eyes that turned into a smile when i saw him staring at me. As i smiled at him, he had this serious look on his face and with his hands he was trying time and again to reach out to my face! and i was like … that is my father God. If a baby could sense that something was not right with someone in the room… imagine how much more will our Father God- our creator know that something is really bothering his child. And if a baby that small could try and reach out to hold your face how much more would the loving hands of the Father be longing to hold you and wipe that tear off your face and tell you it’s ok, he knows … and asks ‘why are you accepting defeat when the victory has already been won?’

It’s just amazing how God reaches out to us isn’t it? I pray that if you are going through similar situations that you would refuse to be shaken and instead turn to God who is really fighting all of your battles. That you would refuse to accept defeat when the victory has already been won. May you stand firm in his love.


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God is waiting

By: Ravi

We people are so funny! We use Facebook and different apps or things to chat with friends, family members, relative and so on. But we forget the one most important person in our life- GOD. God is so patient, He is always waiting for us to come to Him and chat with Him and read His live letter. From morning till night, He patiently waits for us to come to Him and talk to Him. But why do we forget Him?? He never forgets us! We forget Him because He is unseen which makes us hard to remember Him. Our friends, family, relatives,……. we see them everyday. That makes it easy for us to remember them and we go on talking with them. But God tells in the Bible, have faith in what is unseen to your eyes. God is unseen but we can feel His presence in us. So we need to have faith in God. God is the most important person in our lives who is always there by our side to help us.

When we fall down, God is always there giving His mighty hand for us to stand. But the thing is we never look at His mighty hands which are there to help us. Mostly when we are in problems, we think the problems are bigger than God. But God is bigger than the problems in our life. When we are facing problems in life, God is always patiently waiting for us to come to Him and share our problems. But the sad thing is we try to go on in our own strength. And we fall down, get sad, angry, frustrated with life,…… But the amazing thing is that God can’t see us falling down so He sends someone for us to make us feel comfortable. To be able to solve the problems. This shows that he is so patient and He is always ready to help us directly or indirectly. Though we don’t go to Him, He is always with us comforting us. His love for us is beyond comparison.

It’s so comforting to start the day by talking to Him first and then end the day by talking to Him. Why???? Because God is there always waiting for us to give time to Him and talk to him. God is so wonderful and so so great. He is always so patiently waiting for us to come and talk to us. He always waits on us. God is good all the time!

We are shifted to Thamel

Hello friends

We are excited to let you know that we are shifted to Newa Momo Restaurant, Gwabahal, Thamel.