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A helping hand

As the world watched the news in horror of the Earthquake in Nepal that claimed the lives and homes of thousands on April 25 and May 11, 2015, we as the church sought ways to support each other and others any way we could. While most of us were in such a shock of what had happened, we couldn’t stop being thankful to God that all our near and dear ones were safe with little or no damages in the homes we were staying in. In the course of all the constant tremors, the KIF family witnessed not only God’s protection over all the members but also got to welcome the new one in the family- Brayden Lama, the third son of our Pastor Gyan and Chumlano. The baby not only brought happiness and joy to the family but also such hope that mere words cannot explain. I think we all had a huge sigh of relief! 😀

On May 29 and 31st, the KIF folks made our first field trip to Lapsiphedi and Nanglegaon (Sankhu) with some food materials and tarps. The place was identified when one of our members brother informed that there are a few more people who need food and tarps. So we headed to the village on a pick up truck packed with the needful.

May 29th, the team headed to the village, the place was so beautiful that everyone forgot the way to the village and almost ended up in Sindhupalchowk (another hard hit area). On the way, we were approached by a local man who asked us for some of the relief materials, we told them that we could not give him directly as this was meant for another village and that if he really needed it he could come with us where we were distributing the materials. He refused to come. Unfortunately the vehicle could not climb up the steep roads so we had to get down, as we got down those same people followed and came with knives to cut the materials and take them away along with few more others! But the vehicle picked up and they were left behind before any conflict began. Once we had reached the destination there was much argument about people claiming that they did not receive anything. We were able to get a list of people who still hadn’t got the materials and told them we would be coming next week again with the materials.

May 31st, all the materials were packed and ready to head to the village. When we reached there, the people were already waiting. This time we asked all of them to stand in a line and called out the names of those on the list. People were beginning to argue once again saying it’s the same people who got but we reminded them that this was the list that was given to us last week by them. When we told them this, they did not argue anymore. The distribution went on smoothly and we got to interact with few of the local women. Although much of the relief have been received by the people in this area, we need to remember that these are the people who have lost their homes and everything that they ever had. One lady was even saying that they did not have one single utensil to cook food in as they could not find it even when they went through the rubble. While we have in our minds the people outside the valley in other villages where more help is required, we’re taking small steps in extending our help.  It was a blessing to be of help to the people, sharing smiles and talking with them. We are a country that is dearly loved by God.

Join us as we continue praying for healing over the land and for wisdom and protection over all the organizations and individuals who are in the other districts and villages that have faced massive damages and loss.

Do check out our pictures from the trip to the village here