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Learning to worship

Being given the opportunity to lead people into worshiping our awesome God is such a privilege. But ever since I was given the opportunity to lead people into worship, i’ve had my ups and downs. There were times when my week of leading worship approached, I would suddenly fall sick or something would happen that would just throw me off emotionally distorting my view of the truth. Leading worship was becoming like a homework that I disliked, a job and a difficult one. I was told that worship is not about us at all but about Jesus, focus on him and the more I tried to do that the less I understood about worship. I was more focused on myself and the surroundings than the one I was worshiping! Each time I led there would be familiar and new faces in the congregation and I would be so easily intimidated that I could barely open my lips to pray out loud, I thought I could not hear God so finding verses to read in between was like sitting for an exam, trying to figure out what would be the right verse. Worship to me for a very long time was about preparing myself and trying to get tuned to Jesus right before my week of leading worship and it didn’t matter how i spent the rest of the week otherwise. And after each worship i would be worried over what people thought or felt about the worship and soon this was becoming tiring because i was too bothered by what people said or felt or didn’t feel. There was clearly something missing.

Things started to change when I had to leave my job, I was so torn apart in terms of my self esteem, I no longer felt like I was good at anything and I remember once praying that Lord if there be one thing that I’m good at, let it be worshiping you (we’re all made to worship) and I’ve just turned to God to teach me how to worship him ever since. Being aware that the strength, wisdom, resources etc to do something ALL of it comes from God. We’ve all been created beautifully, so he works in each of us uniquely, He teaches and disciplines us uniquely. So I’ve noticed that even the way of leading worship is different from person to person while we’re all worshiping the same true God. Though we may be reading articles and blogs and learning from our fellow worshipers on how to lead worship (which is very helpful), I think the best teacher we can turn to is Jesus himself.

Being in the position to lead worship means letting go of the self, total humility, submission and obedience to God, it has also kept me on my toes so to say, to never lose sight of the real purpose in my life- to know, love and serve God. Because only when I apply this to my day to day living, thinking and doing will I be able to hear and understand the heart of the Father. I’ve come to understand that leading worship is not at all about the songs, instruments or the amount of quiet time or bible study you have done during the day or week (ofcourse all of these is important) but what are we doing with the word of God? How are we spending our days? where is our heart? Complete submission to Jesus and recognizing the importance of His presence. And above all, knowing that every day is a new day, God works in fresh ways, there’s always something He wants to tell us each day and so while worshiping just completely rely on the leading of not your mind or your feelings but of the Holy Spirit. There may be something in particular that you wanted to focus on or pray or read or share with the congregation but you can set that aside when you come to worship God not forgetting to welcome the Holy Spirit in leading you in worship for only He knows the heart of the Father (1 Corinthians 2:11- For who knows a person’s thoughts except their own spirit within them? In the same way no one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God). We must learn to listen, obey, recognize His voice, wait on God and set aside the self. This could mean adjusting the songlist, being flexible to add in a spontaneous song or a new song that God puts in your heart then and there.

Having said all of this, i still have my days of not being able to focus, not being able to hear, wanting to disappear on a friday night through saturday (not be in the position to lead at all), days when my pride gets in the way and each time i’ve been brought face to face with the fact that we’re all here being able to do what we do only by the amazing grace of the Father and that’s what makes us go back to worshiping our God all the more! Regardless of whether i sang or played or led well, felt good or unwell, whether i prayed and worshiped half halfheartedly or wholeheartedly, the simple truth remains- God loves his children and will pour out his love on them regardless of how the worship leader leads, it’s about HIM and not the worship leader anyway 🙂  The realisation of this has given me so much peace, humility and ease when it comes to leading people into worship.

As i look back on my journey in learning to worship, it just amazes me how when in times of weakness and brokenness, God just waits on us to take that small step towards him, just a sigh of surrender is enough for Him to surround us with his presence where there is fullness of joy. How He floods us with a fresh confidence and life when we declare His sovereignty and goodness even when we don’t see it, how when we take that step of obedience He fills us with joy which translates into our strength. I see now how worship leading is only a result of leading a life of worship of the one true God.  The journey continues…

If you’ve got a story of your own, would love to hear them! Let’s stay encouraged.



“I-Shine” Camp 2015_KIF



All are welcome!

We invite you to join us
You will have loads of fun
You will make new friends
You will know how you can SHINE in the midst of your struggles & Challenge others to SHINE!
You will be refreshed & relaxed
So contact us:
from 23-25th October 2015
Cost: Rs 2500 per person includes travel, food and lodging for all the days.

Bus leaves from Lazimpat (near Radisson Hotel) at 2pm, leaves thru KIF Thamel at 2:30pm and Jawlakhel circle at 3pm. See you there.

Things to Carry for the Camp

  1. Change of clothes
  2. Towels
  3. Bible
  4. Notebook
  5. Flashlight
  6. Walking shoes
  7. Sandals
  8. Toiletries (tooth brush, toothpaste, soaps/shampoo, etc)
  9. Mosquito repellent
  10. Warm clothes


Camp Responsibilities
Registration:       Ruja & Zeenia
First Aid:          Dr. Tsering
Time Keeper:        Neha
Guest Hospitality: Neha
Kids Klub:         Christine and Chumla
Hall In charge:    Adam, Sunil, Bikash, Anand and John
Food in charge:    Ruja
Games:             Jessi, Swarnim & Gyan
Laptop & Projector: Ravi and Sasan
Self-Defense:       Dhiraj & Gyan
Hiking:             Adam
Bus in charge:      Gyan