ABCDEF of our Life

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Mathematicians say LIFE is like a line segment drawn from point B to point D. 
What is point B to point D?
It’s from point of Birth (B) to point of Death (D).

So life starts from the moment we are Born (B) until the Day we Die (D).
the middle of B (Birth) and D (Death) is a mysterious C.
What is C then? It is CHRIST.
If we put Christ in the middle of our life (Birth—>Christ—>Death) our life will not end at D but extend to E.

What is E? It’s Eternal life.lifeeternallife

 So all those who put Christ in the middle of their life have Eternal life after Death.
But those who do not put Christ in the middle of their lives don’t have Eternal life after Death but they have F (Fire).
Definition of Life for Christians:
Birth   Christ   Death     Eternal Lifehell
Definition of Life for Unbelievers:
Birth     Death    Fire
Anyone that avoids C must surely lose E.

For references, please check the ref:
1John5:11-13 Acts4:12 nu john5:34 Rom10:1   john3:16&17 Rev20:11-15

Author: John Nkurunziza


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