Christmas Special on 23rd December at KIF

The December Highlights!!!

December has come again. Christmas is just around a corner. Christians all over the world and even non-Christians wait excitedly for it in December. The Christmas environment is all over the city. The sound of the carols, the shopping malls decorated with Christmas trees, lights… Is it all about Christmas?

What is Christmas?
I asked few of my friends what do they think about the real meaning of Christmas. Few of them…
“Christmas is a time of joyful celebration of Jesus’ coming to save the sinners.” Puran.
“Christmas means a peaceful time of the year to me.” Sunil.
“Christmas is for me, being belonged.” Swarnim.
“Christmas is all about hope” Bob.

Christmas, Yes, is indeed a joyful celebration of the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. All of the above are part of the big picture of God becoming a human being in the person of Jesus Christ to save the sinners and to restore our relationship with God. It is indeed a joyful Celebration!

We are also celebrating this Christmas with the prison inmates at Dhulikhel prison. There are 200+ inmates, but 40 are sick and in need of warm clothes. Therefore, we have decided to take 40 jackets, fruits, and toiletries for them. Estimate cost: Nrs 35000. Your contribution towards this cause is highly regarded. So please prayerfully consider what amount you would like to give. Saturday 16th is our last collection. Contact us for more details. 20 jackets have been sponsored by an organisation DSEAP International thru Erum. If you would like to come along for distribution let Gyan know. 

Also, please pass it around to your friends, who may like to contribute!!!

Find out more by joining us in the fellowship as we discover how the encounter with Jesus has transformed lives of many!…

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