Attitudes And Commitments Of A Healthy Worship Team

A healthy culture isn’t something that you can fabricate, it’s something that you “are”. Team culture isn’t just something to talk about, it’s who we are.

These attitudes and commitments are vital for any worship team! Each has a corresponding question we can all ask of ourselves that will keep the culture of our worship teams healthy and thriving!

1. Commitment to learning. 
“How can I do this better?”
When I’m actively looking for opportunities to learn and grow in every situation, constructive criticism doesn’t come as an attack on me as a person but an answer to the question I’ve been asking all along.

2. Commitment to serving. 
“How can I help you?”
No matter what we find in our hands to do, whether worship leading, operating a camera, changing microphone batteries, or anything in between, our first question to each other and to our church should be ‘how can I help you?’.  I’m here to help you, not the other way around.

3. Commitment to excellence.  (See Also: What is Excellence?)
“Is this my best?”
Excellence isn’t perfection, but it is my best, and my best means always getting better.

4. Commitment to humility. 
“How can I demonstrate your value?” 
Philippians chapter 2 highlights this so well. Jesus came to serve and lay down His life for us. We need to love and serve each other. It’s a ceaseless mission to place value on the people around me.

5. Commitment to devotion. 
“What fruit am I producing?”
Am I exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) in my life more now than I was last year? If so, I’m devoted to the right thing.

6. Commitment to ownership. 
“If this was ‘my problem’ what would I do differently?”
We bring solutions, not just problems. We fix things that are broken. We actively look for needs and gaps and we fill them.

7. Commitment to others. 
“Who else can I include?”
I don’t hold tightly to “my thing” but actively look for ways to include others on the journey. This is our mandate. We are one body, each with a part to play (1 Corinthians 12).

8. Commitment to unity. 
“Am I an island?”
Musicians, artists, lighting operators, singers, designers, photographers, dancers, audio engineers, film producers, stage managers, producers, and writers. We are all part of the team and we are better together! 

9. Commitment to fun. 
“Do I take myself too seriously?”
No explanation needed. Don’t forget to laugh! Jesus said that He came to give us joy. The church is to be enjoyed, not endured!

10. Commitment to the cause. 
“If I was the only one, would I still be here?”
Family, friends, fun, and a team to be a part of are all great reasons to serve each weekend. But deep down inside I know that, if I was the only one here, I would still turn up. Why? Because I believe in the cause of Christ. I believe in building what Jesus said He would build – His Church (Matthew 16:18).

None of us get these things right all of the time. But they’re important and godly commitments for us all to be aiming towards, both personally and collectively!

Adapted from Brad Kohring : The original post is here.

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