Love Your Family (3 Words)

Have You Considered Your Family As Your Calling?

Love my siblings/ Spouse /parents/kids. It’s easy to say to love one another. I have seen the follower of Christ not extending grace and mercy to their families. Instead, they express their anger, irritation by responding harshly. I recently lost my patience with one of my parents and just got irritated and walked away. I have had it with my wife Chumlano and kids on and off. It’s not easy as to say love your family. But it requires sacrifice and total surrender to practice every day. God gives opportunity every day.  Wherever we are and whoever we are living with is part of our larger family.

It is my calling and privilege to represent Christ to my family in a way that He will see in no one else’s. I have the opportunity to model Christ through sacrifice and service to each member of my family. Nothing is more important in my life than being one of God’s representative for my family. I am called to lead/submit/support/ and help each of them to become what God wants them to be. We know and are familiar with the passages in the Bible where husbands are called to love their wives (Ephesians 5:25-27 Husbands love your wives, as Christ loves the church and gave himself up for her…) likewise, wives are called to love and submit to their husbands in (Ephesians 5:22-24 wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord..) for children Eph 6:1-3 Children obey your parents in the Lord… Just knowing and being familiar about those scriptures are not enough, what counts is living it daily. Don’t we know Jesus? Haven’t we learnt from him what love, sacrifice and service look like? If so, we husbands/wives/sibling/parents/kids should be ready and eager to demonstrate this love to each other. Grace gives birth to grace. Even if it doesn’t, we still keep loving. Because we know and follow Jesus, so we are eager to truly love one another.

The problem occurs when we miss grasping the beauty of our call as sons/daughters/spouse/ parents or friends. We need each other to succeed in life. We need each other to be the person that God designed us to be. You are called in your family for that role as sons/daughters/ husbands/wives/parents, no one else is. Our role is beautifully reflected in the gospel. John 15:12 “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.”

That doesn’t mean love is easy. It isn’t. that’s why it is commanded and we are reminded repeatedly to love one another. Consider your calling as a son/daughter/spouse/parent. You must not only have a warm affection for one another, but you must also love as Christ loves his church and his people. That is sacrificial/Agape love. It is love who denies self and seeks the good of his people. “Your good at my expense.”– Vic Gledhill. I know you love your Spouse/ siblings/parents/kids and I believe in you. I have no doubt about that. But if that’s true, why won’t you let go of your self-interests on others behalf? If you love them, won’t you lay down your life for them? Why can’t you go off facebook/insta/ YouTube/TV and just talk to one another? Do you seek the growth of others? The things you do and say always tell you more about yourself than whoever you are talking or responding to. I have found that the more I give my time to my wife Chumlano or my parents or kids, we grow beautifully in our love for one another. Our calling is not only to provide material things in a general sense but also to seek their spiritual growth. It’s a process. This happens ONLY WHEN WE MODEL CHRIST TO OUR FAMILY MEMBERS. No one else can do this for them because it is your calling. You do it. There are no short-cuts. Following Christ is the only way for true love.

God’s greatest and most wonderful gift to me as a son/brother/spouse/parent, is God himself. You should seek to be the brightest representation of Jesus Christ for your siblings/spouse/ parents/kids. This happens when you listen/speak/encourage/respect them instead of sitting alone in solace. There is time for that too.

We have done really well at times but also failed to be the kind of son/daughter/siblings /spouse/parent other times. I must confess that we all have messed up many times. But Jesus fulfilled all our flaws when he hanged on the CROSS by honouring his father, loving his church the bride and people. Remember: all our failures have already been forgiven. When we accepted Jesus, his righteousness became ours. This is our hope in the gospel. He not only saved the lost people but also gives the grace to empower to love one another. His grace has saved me, not only from my past and future but for the present and therefore every day.  I can live with Joy, hope, peace and love because of his transforming grace at work in me, which is sanctifying me to become more loving, more forgiving, more considerate, more joyful, more selfless every passing day

Therefore, in this lockdown: As our (KIF) focus for this year is Be Doers Of The Word (what could be the better season than this lockdown to rebuild our family ties). Lockdown is the greatest opportunity God has provided for us to REPRESENT CHRIST to our family in Word & Deed.

Have you considered your family as Your calling?

If you are going to be the tool to represent the Father to your family, you need not only submit to his work but also commit to his character.

You represent the saviour and fulfil your calling by following Jesus.

Note: All the articles that I have written are an honest reflection of myself; this is me, so as you read it, please do make it your own.

Grace upon grace!

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