Many people do not enjoy their job; they just barely endure it. Maybe they get up in the morning and drag themselves out of bed. They fear and drive to work. They feel like they’re trapped. They await the weekend. Is there more to life than this? Come join us and discover… only on Saturdays.

We are on a series of lectures on “Advancing Your Career” where we will look at…

Day/ Date Topic Time
Sat, 05th May The worth of our work 3:00pm
Sat, 19th May How to be a WINNER at work 3:00pm
Sat, 26th May How to cope with cranky co-workers 3:00pm
Sat, 02nd June How to keep our profession from becoming an obsession 3:00pm
Sat, 09th June How to find a job you can love 3:00pm
Sat, 16th June How can we excel in what, whatever they may be 3:00pm

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