We are beginning a series on the study of the kingdom of God. This is a very important subject. The Bible is full of references to the Kingdom of God. The gospel of Matthew is the one which contains the largest number of references to the Kingdom of God, and rightly so, as he introduces Jesus as King. (The Lion of the tribe of Judah). Jesus taught people through parables, and some of them were called ‘parables of the kingdom’. The prayer that he taught his disciples was ‘Thy kingdom come’. After he rose again, he was on earth teaching his disciples for 40 days. And guess what ! His subject for those 40 days was ‘The kingdom of God”.(Acts 1:3).The opening message of John the Baptist, or Jesus was ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near’(Mt.3:2; Mt.4:17). The last verse in the book of Acts is about the kingdom of God as recorded in Acts 28:31.
Come and learn how we can extend the Kingdom of God on earth….

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