Yes, Every individual has a great potential. Every person is capable of influence. It could be good or bad. It depends on his/her own experience and influence in life. Everyone is capable of bringing a desirable change in his/her own life/family or a community or a society leading to a positive transformation of a city and ultimately nation. That’s how we have History. We have great people to look up to who began small.

So, whenever we see an individual, let’s not look at the position,possession or looks or background. Let’s look beyond, what s/he can do if given a platform. Everyone is unique and special. There are somethings that only that particular person can do, nobody else could.

The person might be in rags or the best dress or may be living in a palace or a slum or highly educated or illiterate if given love and support, s/he will be able to do something great.

Questions may arise then, “Why are there so many doing nothing? Or selfishly living?” Obviously, growing into one’s potential to bring positive change is a CHOICE. It has to be a personal choice not a forceful act. It has to be from one’s conviction and passion to see something good in someone. I see Jesus Christ as my perfect role model as a human in every way. He is committed and passionate at his mission. So Jesus is my role model to look up to. Be it in marriage, relationships or work. He becomes my perfect example. Another question is, “Why only Jesus, there are so many others to look up to?” Yes of course, I can learn from others as well. But Jesus is the only one who is perfect in every way, there is no wrong (sin) in him. He brought this good change in my life. He revealed the potential of my life. And showed that every individual has a potential too.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” It’s about his potential. He actually proved it. He has potential to become what he thinks. But my question is who put the potential in a man? That’s of course, to be our creator- we call Him God.  The scripture says, “We were made in God’s image.(Genesis 1:26)” This means every human being is made in the image of God having the potential to be good, loving, kind, true, honest, just, etc. because that’s what God is like.

So next time, when we see people, let’s look beyond who s/he is to what s/he can be if given a chance.


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