Great  are you Lord,
the train of your robe fills the temple, clothed in majesty,
bright as the sun, who can stand before you?
The heavens declare your glory, the earth rejoices,
all of creation cries, Holy ,holy ,holy is the Lord almighty.
We are at your footstool, we fall face down.
You are exalted, seated on the throne, high above everything and everyone.
It is you that gives breath to every living being and creature.
Everything comes from you for you are sovereign.
You control everything.
We live because you allow us to, every fraction of our life is in your mighty hands.
We can do nothing and we are nothing without you.
i seee lord
How can I even question you when
I cannot even face you, for your glory fills the temple,
your greatness, your presence, your holiness,
makes me realize how sinful, foolish, lustful, unclean and stupid I am.
I deserve punishment, death but
I need forgiveness and you
O mighty King sent your very son to die for me!!
How awesome n humbling is that! Who could ever love me that way and you forgive me completely.
Therefore I offer my life to you. That’s the least I could do.
Take me, mould me, fill me, use me, send me where you want me to go and I will go for you.

Here I am sovereign Lord. I am your soldier assigned to do your work,
your will and your will alone be done.
I live to please you for in the end when I see you face to face on that day,
nothing ,absolutely nothing  is going to matter,
all the why’s and  how’s, the degrees, the possessions and its likes,
nothing matters except to hear those words from you-Well done good and faithful servant.
Therefore, may I live a life worthy of you, worthy of the gospel of grace.

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