Are you tired of your same monotonous life? Do you sometimes feel like there is so much to do, you want to do something, be a part of something, and make life more meaningful? We can’t ensure you that this is the place you are looking for but maybe you would like to lend a helping hand to bring a smile on the faces of people while you can. Come join us 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month, where we will not only be learning something new, meeting new people but also be a part of making a difference in someone’s life.

We are a small group of people coming from different walks of life but having the same vision- a vision of a place where people feel and are loved. Our aim is to spread the love that is so freely available but barely reached towards.  We understand that to make a difference one does not necessarily need to donate huge amount of money, all it takes is just one small step of faith towards making an effort to spread the love. That’s what we are here to do.

The training is conducted twice a month (First and Third Saturdays) from 3-5 pm. We provide training on making accessories like bracelets and earrings but we are planning on making more materials in the future- you can provide us with your ideas too! All the materials that are made by the individuals remain at the workshop; the goods are packaged and sold within our own networks (friends and families). All the proceeds go towards the benefit of an organization that we feel is in need whether in cash or kind including organizations that are helping our fellow beings- the animals! We make sure to do a study of the organization before the funds are provided and all the updates will also be posted on our FB page (page soon to be updated). We do not charge for the training, the trainer or the materials used. All the materials are bought pre-hand with the support of the Create2Change members.

Smiles and Love-

From the funds raised this time, we will be supporting HIV+ children (details will be updated).

What do you need to do?

Simply contact us (Chumlano Lama 9818-428879; Tsering Gurung 980-3667927 or Email: [email protected])

Do I need to bring materials on my own?

No. All the materials are available at the workshop; you don’t need to pay for it. All you need to do is simply be there to lend a helping hand!

Is there a travel or any other provision for me?

Unfortunately, the travel costs will have to be borne by the interested individuals themselves. We do not provide any training certificate as such nor do we provide money for the goods sold to the individuals who made them. As mentioned earlier, all the proceeds go towards organizations that we feel would benefit from the funds raised. So your time and energy is what will be required and we much appreciate and value that.

If you are interested or if you have anyone who would be interested, we would love to have you with us! Please contact us for further details and location.


People are Important!


All our products and updates of activities under Create2Change (C2C) will be up on the page. You can also place your orders as the prices are available next to the products. and oh! you can also give your own designs if you like!  Any comments or suggestions are also welcome.

Give us a thumbs up if you’re with us 🙂



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