Received it through a friend which I found very helpful:

*Principles of Resiliency* – Gordon MacDonald

1. Put the most significant people in your life (spouse, family, close friends and mentors) into your calendar first. Then build your work plans around them.

2. Never (ever!) stop growing. Stay open to fresh ways and ideas that sustain your physical and mental health…sharpen your working skills…increase your knowledge…and enrich your wisdom and spiritual life.

3. Be more a priest and less a preacher to people. Bless them with the gifts of hope, grace, courage, and love.

4. Remind yourself that the time will come when you will have to relinquish titles and privileges and slip into obscurity…ultimately the obscurity of death.

5. Prepare for those occasions when you, like most people, may suffer, fail, fall into doubt, face conflict, experience loss.

6. Be trustworthy and reliable, a person who keeps his/her word. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

7. Be a spiritual father/mother to teachable people who may someday, inherit your responsibilities.

8. Live modestly…stay free of debt…be generous…develop a financial plan for your future…be wary of those who try to “buy” your favour.

9. Expect to reorganize your interior life every 7-10 years.

10. Receive compliments, criticism and counsel with humility and appreciation. Avoid whining, complaining, self-pity. Assume that there is at least a grain of truth in the things critics say about you and your work. As much as is possible, resist being defensive.

11. Stay alert for the evils and confusions embedded in organizational life.

12. Be quick to say (with sincerity) thank you, well-done, I’m sorry, I forgive you, and how can I help?

13. Be alert for sensual attractions that often follow on the heels of spiritual activity.

14. Master the art of asking the kind of penetrating questions that open someone’s heart. Then listen carefully to what is revealed with respect and discernment.

15. Retreat to the cross regularly: express your appreciations, name your sins, pray for the world, listen for God’s calls to do mighty.

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