Use it? Guard it?

Haiku. I would have loved to tell you that I’ve got one for you, but this isn’t a poem. Before bed we often (remember) give our dog a treat- a biscuit. Last night we gave him a piece of the biscuit which he ate and so I gave him two more. The next morning when I went to take him out, he wouldn’t budge, keeping his eyes and body next to his biscuit, he wouldn’t move at all. When finally I went – ‘oh! You aren’t guarding that biscuit from me now, are you? A biscuit that I gave you in the first place, mister.’  I didn’t say it out loud, not that my dog would’ve understood it even if I did or… maybe he would. I eventually had to throw it out when he was occupied with other things because it obviously was a mess with pieces of it all around. And more than anything I didn’t want that biscuit to be a hindrance. I mean, who wants to be around a dog that’s guarding something all the time?  If you have a dog you may know what I mean. (I hope I’m not the only dog owner who has raised a very insecure dog! Wait, do we actually raise dogs? Hmm…)

But here’s what struck me. Aren’t we most times like that? Guarding that which is given to us by God, when we’re supposed to enjoy it and be nourished by it- body, mind and soul. And we may even end up being so obsessed that we assume the role of God in guarding it and causing it to grow or preserving it. Well, in this case, we’ll most likely end up feeling like a big failure because we weren’t given that something just so we could guard it in a manner where all of our focus and devotion is on it. This was meant to be something that we could be thankful for and enjoy it along with God and not without. Do you see those gifts from God in your life? Are you enjoying it with or without God? And I’m pretty sure those gifts look more than a biscuit.  I’ll leave you with that as I ponder upon it with a bite of one.

Until next renewal, God bless!

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