We believe that each of us are given abilities and these abilities can be used to help each other. Following are some of the things we do to help spread the love. So hop on board!

For all of the activities, we are constantly looking for individuals who are interested to lend a helping hand. So if you’ve got any of the mentioned skills or if you think you could connect us with someone you know who would like to help, that would be awesome! Your ideas are welcome as well! And yes, if you know of anyone who would benefit from any of these services, please do contact us.

  1. Issue to tackle
    Issue to tackle

If you want to know more about the work our friends doing  and get engaged…

Nepal: http://panepal.org/


we are committed to see students’ excellency in their studies by giving free tuition classes for those who are unable to afford. Exclusively for low-income group people. And Adult Literacy classes for learning to read or write in English or  Nepali. And English speaking classes for those in need. We also run a hostel (Prativa Light House) for the underprivileged kids from the brick factory kids. These kids were not getting a chance to go to the school though they were willing. We have enrolled 29 of them from class 1-10 with a partnership with Compassion Nepal.